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Let's Craft Today!

Thanks so much for your order! I’m so excited for you to make something amazing today! 

Welcome to the DIY tutorial page! This is where you will find the instructions to complete your DIY kit. Please watch The Basics of Crafting Video (Bloom where you're planted video) first for general knowledge for completing many of our DIY kits as well as how to paint your stencil. After you have watched that video you can proceed to your specific DIY Kit tutorial video.

Depending on which kit you purchased you will either be provided with all the supplies needed to compete your craft or you’ll have to purchase them separately. 


If your kit came without supplies here’s a list basic supplies needed to compete your project: 

Scissors, glue (such as E6000 or a general purpose gorilla glue), a paper plate or paint pallet, paint brushes, foam sponge, makeup wedge sponges (to use as paint sponges), tape, hot glue gun, twine, ribbon, or string as well as paint. You can use a variety of paints such as acrylic, chalk, or latex. 

Interchangeable DIY Kit
DIY Flower Trio
Halloween Kids Kit
Thanksgiving Tired Tray DIY
Fall Tiered Tray DIY
Hey Boo Ghost DIY