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Did someone say hostess rewards? 

Wanna host your own party? Feel more comfortable in your own home? Don’t want to drive? Don’t worry! I can come to you! 


                                    Host. Earn. Paint. 


As a hostess you receive rewards when your friends sign up for a party! Earn a discounted sign just by hanging out and painting with your friends and painting! 


Here’s what you need to host a party: 

  • Hosting a party requires a minimum of 10 people to sign up (yourself included). Please feel free to ask friends to invite a friend! The more the merrier!

  • You will need a large, indoor, open space that is well lit and air conditioned. There needs to be enough room for everyone to sit and move around comfortably. The hostess will need to provide tables and chairs. MWR has them for rent if you need more seating.  

How does this all work?: 

  • Let's start by picking a date! Evenings and weekends are ideal for parties but we can try to make any time and date work for your schedule. 

  • I will set up a private party link for you and your friends to sign up under on our website. I can also create a facebook event for your party so it is easier to share with your friends and family.

  • Your friends can then sign up for your party and will receive a confirmation email after check out is completed. The email will give them important information about the party as well as confirm their custom sign order. Sign up for the party will close 7 days prior to the event to give me enough time to prepare all the wood and designs. 

  • Once all your guests are confirmed and the party is closed I will invoice you separately and apply your hostess rewards discount!Your invoice must be paid prior to your party time and date. Please do not sign up and pay under your own party. 

  • On the day of the party I will arrive at your residence 20-30 minutes prior to the start time to set up and will require the same amount of time afterwards to break down and clean up. Parties generally last 3 hours but may take longer if you have a larger party. 

  • Parties are fun and an excuse to get together, catch up, meet new friends, have snacks and drinks! If you wish to have snacks at your party please have your guests come 20-30 prior to the start time of the parting party! This will allow everyone enough time to say hello, get a plate, and start on time. 


It is important that parties are kid free since there will be sharp tools, paint, and power tools used. I do understand it is difficult when you have littles so please make sure you have arranged for childcare and/or a safe place for your children to play that is away from the party area. 

How much is a sign? 

Signs vary in price depending on the size, color and framing choices. Sign prices are from $30-$55. There is no extra charge for booking a private party! Please check our Facebook Page for examples of color combinations, framed vs. unframed signs and our latest designs.



Here’s what you need to know about hostess rewards: 

The number of guests you have sign up (not including yourself ) will determine the discount on your wood sign.

Here's a breakdown of the discounts you can earn: 

  • For 10 guests you will receive 50%off your sign! 

  • For 12 guests you will receive 70% off your sign! 

  • For  14 or more guests your sign is FREE!!  

Check our Facebook page for seasonal hostess promotions or discounts! 

 *Hostess Rewards can not applied to cost of custom designs*

*If more than one sign is purchased the Hostess Reward will be applied to the lesser of the two signs.*

*If the minimum number of guest is not met for each party the event will be canceled. Full refunds will be sent to those guests who have signed up.*

*If in the event of a cancellation on the behalf of KRAFTiBEE or the hostess we will provide a make up day within 60 days of the original event day.*

*KRAFTiBEE Hostess Rewards and/or Party Terms are subject to change with or without notice at any time.*


Have more Questions? Need more Information? Send us a message and we can help! 

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